"Your success is ours" is our motto at “Examinations Hub”. We believe in positive sense of competition to provide the best product or service in the contemporary market to our customers and business partners. We feel proud to share the dividends of success with our team members and partners, for the simple reason that “it is basically their hard work, professionalism and dedication” which is the main impetus behind our continuous success. Our services include complete/partial takeover of your conventional “Examination Departments, educational audits, assessments through personal interviews and questionnaires, preparation of question papers (based on a prescribed syllabus), invigilation, paper collection and delivery to professional examiners, CBTs (Computer Based Testing), online examinations, result preparation, statistics through SPSS, risk analysis and report submission. We are available for consultation throughout the contracted cycle of consultancy.

We are the pioneers of introducing the concept of 3rd party examinations in Pakistani academic system. That means, we are private, independent examiners to conduct tests & examinations at any academic or technical level. We shall help you to identify weak areas in any subject, class or institution. Since January 2018 we have extended our services to examine private students as well. Before any formal examination, parents can avail our services to ascertain performance level of teachers, tutors and institutions who are charging you a fortune to teach your loved ones. We are a professionally managed private organization so you can trust us to give you a 100% impartial assessment of the situation. We can also provide a comprehensive risk analysis report along with suggested mitigation actions to minimize risks' impacts.

Our comprehensive and detailed reports shall not only help you to identify weak areas in your academic setup, it will also guide you to take remedial actions. We also provide you a "risk analysis report" which will help you to take mitigation actions before the potential risks become a threat.


Our team is our most valuable asset. With our more than 200 educationists, professionals, professors, assistant professors, lecturers, teachers, technocrats and domain experts sharing their knowledge and experience with us, we have the best team in town. Our team members are both foreign and locally qualified with vast experiences in their respective fields. The fact that we are maintaining over 90% retention rate for the past 3 years is an indicative of how much do we care about our most valuable asset - "Our Team". Each member of our team believes that whether a team member plays a large or small role, by working together we can achieve our objectives and that one man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team. We believe in "teams" not individuals.

All our online examinations are scientifically designed and developed by respective domain experts, who have a life-time experience in their respective fields. All online examinations are critically analyzed and rigorously tested before they are uploaded on our website. We have very strict quality control and quality assurance teams who are always keeping us on our tows to maintain quality content at our website, be it the online examinations or the document downloads.


Our solutions are focused on solving customer problems or satisfying their needs. Our solutions are not only scientifically developed to cater customer needs and requirements they are aimed at having long-term relations with our customers and partners. At “Examiners Hub” we are introducing the concept of “private examiners” to public and private sector education. We have more than 100 (foreign and locally qualified) teachers, professors, assistant professors, teachers, domain experts, educationists and officials who can design and implement any test in any field of education. We have professionals from a wide variety of fields such as engineering, medical, civil, information technology, safety & security, arts, science and telecommunication and military technologies. We can design tests and examinations, conduct invigilation, prepare results, identify weak areas of students through SPSS analysis tool, perform risks analysis and suggest ways and means to improve upon identified weak areas.